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Β IREX builds long-term relationships with its partners to bring its revolutionary technology to global end-users. IREX is committed to protecting the partners' business, providing outstanding tailored marketing resources, including the ability to run pilot projects.

ο»ΏQualifying Clients What type of clients and projects is IREX developed for?

ο»ΏCompetition How does IREX compare to other video surveillance solutions on the market?

ο»ΏPartner Program How does IREX help to grow my business?

ο»ΏPilots Launch a free pilot to bring confidence to your client

ο»ΏMarketing Collateral Promo videos, demos, printable brochures, and sales decks.

ο»ΏTechnology Transfers How can international clients guarantee the supply chain for their specific region

ο»ΏIREX Company What is the IREX background?



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