IREX Ethical AI Platform

Technical resources to help admins, users, and developers leverage IREX

For Users


  • Key Features
  • Ethics for AI
  • Video analytics


  • Find people
  • Find vehicles
  • Find an event

Get Alerted

  • Configure alarm monitor
  • Receive notifications
  • Build response team

For Admins and DevOps

Manage users
and resources

  • Create a user group
  • Add a camera
  • Assign resources to a group

Manage video

  • Real-time and investigative analytics
  • Find suspect, hijacked vehicle, etc.
  • Calculate error rate

Deploy, Update
and Scale

  • Learn system requirements
  • Deploy/Update/Scale step-by-step
  • Check functionality

Other Resources

Do Business with IREX

  • PoCs and Pilots
  • Marketing Collateral
  • IREX vs Competitors

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