Key Features

Scalable Map and Plans

IREX renders thousands of cameras and IoT devices on its scalable map that can be augmented with detailed floor plans of public venues.

Smart Clustering: The map is always tidy and well-organized regardless of the display zoom and sensor density. IREX groups all the devices depending on the scale level, effective permissions, and search filters.

Floor Plans:  Large public venues, transportation hubs, and residential areas come with detailed floor plans. For ease of navigation, each camera or IoT device can be positioned simultaneously on the big map and relevant floor plan(s). Users can upload plans as JPG or PNG images.

Instant Preview: Simply drag your mouse over a sensor and you will get a live preview from the map or a floor plan.

Offline / Private Network Access: The IREX map and floor plans are stored in your secure private cloud. The IREX service will remain available if the public map site or the Internet connection is down.

Editable Map: Missing an address or road? The IREX map is based on OpenStreetMap data, so it can be edited with standard tools.

Real-Time Alerts

IREX Real-Time Alerts (from left to right): Crowding, Weapon Detection, Unattended Items, Fire or Smoke, Exit Blocked
IREX Real-Time Alerts (from left to right): Crowding, Weapon Detection, Unattended Items, Fire or Smoke, Exit Blocked

IREX is the ideal solution for real-time crime centers. IREX instantly notifies monitoring agents, first-responders, and other stakeholders about weapons, missing children, unattended items, safety violations, crowd-related dangers, and more from CCTV cameras.

Virtual Collaboration

IREX Secure Messenger enables virtual collaboration of response teams, security staff, and other stakeholders:

Unified Messaging: Each user group of the IREX Smart City Platform has a dedicated workspace in the IREX Secure Messenger for direct communication, public or private chats, audio, and video calls. The messaging platform is deployed on the same private cloud infrastructure as the IREX Smart City Platform. Event Filters: IREX users easily build event filters for a one-click search of past events and real-time alerts about new events in accordance with the predefined criteria. For example, a user can create a filter for weapon and smoke detections within a specific venue or city district.

Alert Cobots: The IREX cobot automatically creates messenger channels (i.e. group chats) for shared event filters, adds authorized users, and pushes real-time alerts to the channels with event images, text descriptions, as well as deep links to play video. In the demo below, the IREX cobot sends photos of pre-identified people and vehicles entering a facility. Channel members can browse, comment, forward alerts, and upload evidence media. All the activities of the cobot and users appear in the channel.No Information Overload: Unlike systems using email or SMS, IREX organizes all the alerts in channels corresponding to event filters. Users can join, mute, leave, and re-join alert channels in accordance with their constantly changing priorities. Event filters can be easily adjusted to minimize false alarms and irrelevant events. Any Device, Anywhere: IREX Secure Messenger runs on any platform such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. The messenger is the key tool for users working in the field, for example, at a crime scene or in a laboratory. It is the most organic approach to get notified, share evidence photos, and track progress.


Searchveillance™ is the IREX' patented technology to find people, vehicles, and events in Big Data from surveillance cameras and other city IoTs. Searchveillance™ saves man-days of labor-intensive video analysis during law enforcement operations and investigations.

The Searchveillance™ technology has five distinctive features:

  1. Ultra-Fast: IREX pre-processes video data in real-time while it is being uploaded to the cloud and fulfills search queries in less than a second. Users can adjust search parameters (e.g. time and location filters) and view results instantly. This is particularly important in critical situations when timely decision-making is the key.
  2. Scalable: IREX uses distributed databases to ensure the response time does not depend on the number of concurrent users and the data size, i.e. the number of cameras and retention period.
  3. Universal: The IREX interface enables to search through different events, using meta-data from various AI modules developed by IREX and third parties, IoT sensors, and integrated systems such as physical access control or fire alarm. Searchveillance™ works on any device, including laptops, tablets, and phones.
  4. Simple: IREX has established a new standard in user experience among all the smart city platforms. The IREX team has spent years making the product interface simple, fast, and esthetic. 
  5. Secure:  IREX outputs search results based on effective user permissions, roles, and security policies. IREX has developed an advanced permission management system for cameras, floor plans, people and vehicle lists, and other data entities. All search queries and results are encrypted. 

Examples of Searchveillance™ Queries and Filters:

  • Search people by photo, person name, passport number, or appearance features (gender, age, headdress, glasses, beards, mustaches, masks, skin color)
  • Search vehicles by license plate number, type, make, model, and color
  • Search events such as intrusions, unattended items, crowding, smoke, and camera sabotage
  • Search people or vehicles using visual tools e.g. virtual tripwire or region of interest
  • Filter results by map region, building name, floor, camera tags, and time period

Big Data Analytics

Data is the key to making cities safer, more comfortable, and sustainable. In every domain of modern city governance—public transportation, healthcare, emergency, and disasters—data is used as the foundation for evidence-based practices. As your city grows, IREX retains a virtually unlimited amount of IoT events, video analytics metadata, snapshots, and video—making the data actionable, searchable, auditable, and exportable to third-party analytics platforms. The IREX Smart City Platform has very unique features that enable cities to leverage Big Data and stay competitive:

  • Distributed Storage: IREX uses the open-source Ceph storage platform and NoSQL databases Apache Cassandra and Apache Ignite for linear scalability and proven fault tolerance on commodity hardware. All the open-source components are supported by IREX.
  • Engineered for Ethics: IREX provides constraints and safeguards affecting what data are created, how and by whom data are accessed, stored, and shared, to protect the privacy and ethical norms of free societies.
  • Multitenant Data Management: IREX let you control access permissions and data retention period to serve multiple organizations in your city.
  • Comprehensive API: IREX enables secure data export to third-party city services and Big Data platforms such as Google Data Studio.

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