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Databases store personal and vehicle entries to deliver upon request complete information onto the screen about persons and vehicles of interest, such as passport and driver license details, vehicle registration certificate data, and more.

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To ensure ethical principles in tracking people and their vehicles, personal and vehicle entries are stored grouped by lists of limited access. Specifically, an IREX user can only track those persons or vehicles that are on the lists assigned to the group the user belongs to. The same user group may have multiple person lists assigned, and vice versa, i.e. the same list may be assigned to multiple user groups.

Person Database

View a Person

Person's entries are stored in the system database holding available personal data, such as photo, date of birth, passport and/or driver's license data, linked vehicles, if any, and so on.

To view all entries on all person lists available to you in the database, select the People on the main menu to open a screen holding an array of personal cards each of the view:

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  • To view the cards of persons on a pre-defined list, select that list on the Lists.
  • Click the spin buttons "<" and ">" to iterate through all photos of the person in the database.
  • Click the card to open a pane on the right holding the person's details (passport and driver's license data, linked vehicles).

Click the Search Events command in the three-dot menu โ‹ฎ to search for events relevant to that person, or the Edit/Delete to edit/delete the person's entry on the list, or Download ... to download the photos.

Person List Management๏ปฟ

Person's entries are stored in the database structured by person lists. Users may or may not create/ edit/delete new lists and/or add/edit/delate new entries on those lists depending on their Roles.

View the List of Person Lists

๏ปฟTo do so, select the User menu > Settings > Persons - the list of existing person lists opens.

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  • Click as the red arrow on the left shows to add more personal entries to the list or delete existing ones.
  • Select the Edit or Delete command in the three-dot menu โ‹ฎ to edit metadata of the list (name, assigned user groups, etc.) or delete it, respectively.

Create a Person List

To create a new person list:

  1. Click the "+" in the bottom-right corner of the person list screen - the Create new person list form opens.
  2. Enter the new list name, assigned user groups, priority, and a similarity value into the relevant fields.
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Add a New Entry

Click the "+" sign on the new or existing list form to complete the new personal information form that opens under Basic information, Person List, Passport details, Driver license, and Vehicle sections.

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When adding a personal photo to the personal entry make sure it is recognizable!

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Vehicle Database

The license plate (vehicle) database is maintained using basically the same techniques as the person database.

Vehicle Entry

To view all entries in the vehicle database, select the Vehicles on the main menu to display the entire database content as an array of cards.

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Click a card to display more details on the pane that opens on the right. Altogether, the following information gets available:

  • License plate number (1)
  • Vehicle owner's name (2), the list the vehicle belongs to (3), and the country code (4).
  • More personal data (5, e.g. owner's photo) and links to registration certificate data (6)

Manage Vehicle Lists

List of Vehicle Lists

Select the User Menu >Settings > Vehicles to see the list of all vehicle lists in the IREX database.

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Click where the red arrow on the left points to add a new entry to the list.

Click where the red arrow on the right points to create a new vehicle list.

Create Vehicle List

To create a new vehicle list:

  1. Click the "+" in the bottom-right corner of the screen as shown above - the Create new license plate list form opens.
  2. Enter the new list name and assigned user groups into the relevant fields.
  3. Switch on the Recognition mode option to allow CarTrack Pro or CarTrack modules to match captured plate numbers against those on the new list.
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Add New Vehicle

Click where the red arrow on the left points to in the figure above to add a new vehicle entry to the list by completing the fields under

  • Basic information
  • Vehicle list
  • Owner
  • Vehicle user
  • Certificate of registration

... sections; then click the Create.

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Edit/Delete Vehicle List

To edit metadata of a list (name, assigned user groups, Recognition mode value) or delete it, select the Edit or Delete command in the three-dot menu โ‹ฎ, respectively.









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