Manage Other Devices

IREX has interfacings with Netpig, Sigur, and Keyhole external devices.


Netping provides scriptable downtime, performance, and resource monitoring for web services and servers. To build a connection to a Netping device:

  1. Click the User Menu > Netping to open the list of existing Netping connections.
  2. Click the Create in the top-right corner - the New netping connection form opens.
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3. Enter the connection name, IP address of the device, port number, and credentials to access the device into the relevant fields.


Keyhole is the general name for a family of access control systems (e.g. this one) that provides quick and convenient access into your premises to those persons who are authorized while at the same time, denying access to unauthorized people. Keyhole connection is a set of Keyhole readers that provide access to premises.

To create a new Keyhole connection:

  1. Click the User Menu > Settings > External connections to open the list of existing Sigur and Keyhole connections.
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2. Click the "+" > Keyhole in the bottom-right corner to open the new keyhole connection form:

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5. Complete the form and click the Add.


Sigur is a brand name for a family of integrated access control solutions.

Sigur connection requires exactly the same parameters to be defined as a Keyhole one, therefore it can be built by complete analogy.

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