Manage Venues

Create Building

To create a new building in the "Buildings" user layer on the map, select the User Menu > Settings > Buildings > "+" to enter on the screen that opens:

  • User-defined Name to facilitate by-name search on the map.
  • Number of floors
  • User groups that have the building available.
  • Category, select on the list.
  • Facility type, select on the list of its own for each category
  • Description, user's verbal description, and relevant comments
  • Click on the map at the building location.
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Click the Create in the top-right corner of the screen to complete.

Add Plan

To add a floor plan of a building to the "Plans" user layer on the map, select the User Memu > Plans to click a "+" in the bottom-right corner of the screen - the Create new plan form opens, which you complete.

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Definition, comments


Type user-defined name to facilitate by-name search on the map

User group

User groups that


Select on the list of building names


Floor number of the plan


Verbal description


Upload the plan file (*.jpg, *.tif, etc)

Edit, Delete Building, or Plan

To edit or delete a building or plan, click the Edit or Delete, respectively, in the tree-dot menu on the building or plan list.

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