Monitor, Search, Collaborate

IREX is a video-based service for evidence-based safety designed to empower cities. With a smart integration of Computer Vision AI, Big Data, and Enterprise Messaging, IREX allows cities to adapt to ever-changing threats to combat 21st-century problems such as pandemics, overcrowding, missing people, crime, mass shootings, and illegal immigration.

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The "Monitor, Search, Collaborate" chapter is designed for any user who needs help using IREX video monitoring and analytics capabilities.

Access Your Workspace

  • System Requirements - Check if your desktop or mobile device is up to IREX requirements.
  • Sign in to IREX - Use your credentials to sign in to IREX
  • Secure Sign-in Basics - Stay secure whenever signing in to IREX.
  • About Cameras and Events - Learn where the key functions, tools, and workspaces are.
  • Log Out of IREX - Look here if you get stuck trying to log out.

Navigate Around Smart City

  • Search the Map - Quickly find whatever you need - a camera, building, or plan - on the map.
  • Building and Plans - Study the user layers of buildings and plans
  • Cameras and Videos - Preview a camera on the map or watch the live video in full

Find the Events

  • Use Searchveillance™ - Learn how to use the Searchveillance™ capabilities to quickly find the event of your interest.
  • Study Event - Get all available information about the event

Manage IREX Databases

  • Person Database - Add more personal entries to the database to make further identification easier.
  • Vehicle Database - Add more vehicle entries to the database to track vehicle motion on the map.

Get Alerted, Collaborate

  • Build Alarm Monitor - Create a workspace for events of special attention.
  • Virtual Control Room - Stay notified on new alarms to react adequately, organize teamwork.

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