Navigate Around Smart City

ο»ΏIREX protects airports, metro, railway stations, streets and highways, shopping malls, gas stations, stadiums, parks, and other public spaces scattered all around a Smart City. IREX displays geo-referenced information clearly, distinctly, and in full available detail including single buildings and building plans. Functionalities are provided to quickly navigate between cameras of your interest, view available plans, preview cameras, watch live video streams in full with reference to the exact location, and more.

Geo-referenced information is available from other types of external sensors connected to IREX, such as thermal and mobile cameras, video downloads, and others.

At start-up, IREX map view shows the overview of the world map, on which cameras can be shown isolated or as clusters depending on the current map scale - the feature referred to as smart clustering. It helps always keep the map distinct and clear.

Zoom in on a cluster or click the cluster icon to see it split into single cameras at a scale big enough.

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The icon of a camera on the map shows its view direction relatively the coordinate axis as well.

To zoom in and out on the map, use the "+" and "-"controls in the bottom-left corner of the screen, or rotate the mouse wheel.

To pan the map, drag and drop it holding the left-hand mouse button pressed.

Camera Type and Status Iconsο»Ώ

Above CCTV, IREX allows connection to other types of external sensors (thermal, PTZ, video downloads, and some others). Each sensor type is represented on the map by its own icon; the color of the icon encodes the sensor status.

  • Blue is for sensors up and running.
  • Red is for those offline or "signal lost".

Search the Map

Start typing a search string in the Search under the Cameras and Places and click the Apply to quickly go to the camera/building/plan of your interest.

A search string can be a piece of the address (e.g. "Raml") or any other attribute.

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Although all cameras, buildings, and plans are on the same list, you can narrow the search by clicking the building/camera/plan icon under the Search.

Building and Plans

There are the "Buildings" and "Plans" user's layers on display laid over the world map. They hold user-defined buildings and floor plans to make it easier for the user to find locations of his or her regular interest.

Due to the smart clustering feature buildings appear on the map only if the current presentation scale is big enough; zoom in on the map to see those.

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Click the icon of a building on the map to see the building plans open, if available, e.g. in a floor-by-floor view. Plans hold camera icons to show the exact camera location and view direction.

Point the cursor onto a camera on a plan to open a preview from the camera.

Previews and Live Videos

Point the cursor onto a single camera icon on the map to see a preview in a pop-up.

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Click the icon of a camera to open live video streams in IREX media player.

Point the cursor onto a building icon on the map to see the preview from all cameras in that building in one pop-up; then scroll to the required one.

When on a plan, act by analogy to preview a camera or watch live video.





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