Video Analytics

IREX ships with a comprehensive collection of video analytics modules based on state-of-the-art neural networks. All the video analytics modules have known performance indicators and run in real-time.


Key Features


🎤 AudioTrack

Detects gunshots, screaming, glass breaking, loud noises using the camera microphone



Counts people in public spaces (e.g. transportation hubs) Generates alerts, if the number of people exceeds the limit



Detect and recognize multi-format license plates with AI Detect vehicle color


🚗CarTrack Pro

Detects and classify vehicles with AI Recognize multi-format license plates with AI Detects stopping and parking vehicles Estimates vehicle speed Detect vehicle color


👬 CrowdCount

Works for social distancing and queue management


🤓 FaceTrack Pro

Detects faces and spoofing attempts with AI Recognizes faces ethically and matches with suspect lists Detects medical masks with mouth and nose coverage Detects appearance features (gender, age, glasses, etc)



Detects smoke in indoor environments Detects open fire in indoor and outdoor environments



Detects firearms including handguns and rifles in action



Detects objects with a smart motion detector Works in indoor quiet environments only


🏃‍♂️MotionTrack Pro

Detects objects with a smart motion detector

Classifies objects by type (people, vehicles, etc) with AI Runs rule-based analytwics (e.g. perimeter intrusion) Works in non-crowded environments (quiet, sterile)


🧍‍♂️ObjectTrack Pro

Detects people, vehicles, unattended items with AI Runs rule-based analytics (e.g. man-on-rails) Works in any environment (crowded, quiet, sterile)


🌚 TamperTrack 

Detects video quality issues and camera sabotage (Image too dark, image too light, image blurred)

⧆ Computational complexity is the relative amount of CPU resources and memory consumed by the video analytics modules.

Engineered for Ethics

IREX has been developed to ensure that its AI and Big Data capabilities are within the privacy and ethical norms of free societies. This starts at the level of the architecture of the system. Ethics are engineered into the system constraints and safeguards affecting what data are created, how and by whom data are accessed, stored, and shared.

The following product features demonstrate the Ethical AI foundation of IREX:

  • Bias awareness: All the existing face recognition algorithms (as well as a human brain) show different accuracy rates for different demographic groups of gender, age, and skin color. The bias is difficult to avoid due to natural variations in training datasets. IREX data scientists and AI engineers work continuously to reduce bias. At the same time, IREX participates in the NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) to provide an independent evaluation of the demographic effects.
  • Narrow constraints for law enforcement: IREX detects pre-identified persons only to prevent a terror attack, find missing children or tackle other public safety threats. IREX restricts the number of persons that can be added to the database for real-time biometric identification. No recognition, or tracking of random people. Learn more.
  • Permission-driven user interface: platform features, people databases, face match alerts, and search results can only be seen by authorized staff only. IREX users do not see face recognition data unless added to user groups with sufficient permissions.
  • Full transparency: IREX records a detailed log about adding persons or vehicles to the database and running a search query. The log is fully searchable and auditable. 
  • Cybersecurity and privacy protection: IREX has developed arguably the world's most secure platform for Smart Cities and upholds the best practices on daily basis.

Ethical Face Databases

IREX provides pre- and post-incident intelligence to identify criminals and other subjects. IREX connects open data sources and leading intelligence providers to keep photo databases updated in your Secure Private Cloud:

  • Wanted Suspects
  • Criminals
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)
  • Missing Persons/ Missing Children
  • Sex Offenders
  • Terrorists
  • Sanctioned People

Multiple Camera Tracking

IREX provides visualization of itineraries of suspects and vehicles on maps and floor plans.

Person tracking from camera to camera using facial recognition
Person tracking from camera to camera using facial recognition

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